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House of Waxwork #2 Spins Horror

As many of you know, I’ve been working as Managing Editor at Waxwork Comics, a division of Waxwork Records, since late summer of 2017, and we’ve been lining up some great things for 2018. The first of those awesome new experiences has landed in the form of House of Waxwork #2, the company’s flagship horror […]

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The Elusive Art Of The Interview – Gianni, Brokenshire, Darrow, Nadler, Thompson

Since taking up my new job at, I’ve gradually returned to doing long-form interviews with comic professionals and other pop culture creators, and I hope to do more in future. But I have been aware of a change in how I interview people, which started when I was at BC in 2015 or so, […]

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The Return of She Wolf! Black Baptism!

She Wolf Volume 1 was released by Image Comics just before the holiday season, and what a collection it was. It told the story of teenager Gabby as she wrestled with the murderously dangerous transformation into a werewolf and initiation into a world of witches and demons. Set in a seemingly 80’s styled world, the […]

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Reading Comics As An Experience of Mythic Time

Over the holidays, I visited a number of bookstores as I traveled around for festivities, and was particularly interested in history and anthropology books since non-fiction is my current trend in prose. In comics, I seem to be jumping off the deep end in fantasy world-building, particularly impressed when a creative team seems to be […]

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Rebecca Sugar’s Early Work Comes To Life In Frontier #14

This holiday season I had another installment of Frontier, from small press publisher Youth in Decline to look forward to, a press who have conscientiously kept up with me despite my geographical wanderings. With the Frontier series, you never know quite what to expect, since they feature a new theme and artist each time, and […]

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Grab One Last OGN in 2016-SP4RX From Nobrow

Nobrow recently published SP4RX, the first full length graphic novel by cartoonist Wren McDonald, a resident of Brooklyn who, in his other work does not shy away from modern politics or critique of city life. SP4RX is fictional, but in this dystopian work presented in an elegant and highly watchable style, you’ll find plenty of […]

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Art From Losers, Nasty Women, And The Gays – Over 70 Artists To Protest Trump In Brooklyn

By Hannah Means-Shannon An art event called “Handbills of Subversion” will be taking over the MF Gallery in Brooklyn, with an opening night show on January 20th from 7-10 pm. The show will be populated by handbill sized art created by over 70 artists to protest the Trump administration. More than just protesting, these artists […]

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Hanging Out With The Brooklynite, A Guy With Hero Vision

By Hannah Means-Shannon Tuning into the free comic reading platform Webtoons to check out The Brooklynite (Seth Kushner, Shamus Beyale, Jason Goungor) takes you into the New Brooklyn universe of comics alongside The Red Hook (Dean Haspiel) and The Purple Heart (Vito Delsante and Ricardo Venancio) wherein Brooklyn secedes from New York City, due to […]

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30K Copies Of Anti-Trump Comic ‘Resist!’ From Mouly, Spiegelman, and Fowler Land On Inauguration Day

According to The Times of Israel, on Inauguration Day, 30,000 copies of an anti-Trump comic collection will be distributed in Washington, D.C. Titled RESIST!, the publication will be a special edition of Gabe Fowler’s SMOKE SIGNAL spearheaded by publisher Francoise Mouly and her daughter, author and children’s book writer Nadja Spiegelman. The edited anthology promises […]

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3 Reasons You Should Be Reading Snyder and Lemire’s A.D. After Death

A.D. After Death is a long anticipated collaboration between Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire published by Image Comics. When previews of the comic were published in Image + magazine, what readers saw begged the question of whether this would be a traditional “comic” or an illustrated prose book, since both paneled comic pages and typescript […]