About Hannah Means-Shannon aka Hannah Menzies

64108_10151351933465598_650119644_nWelcome to my blogspot where you can find out about the various work I do. I started out working as a comics scholar, then branched out to also writing about comics and comics-related events, and in 2013, took up the position of Editor-in-Chief at the comics and film newsblog Bleeding Cool, holding that position until 2015. I followed that with becoming an Associate Editor at Dark Horse Comics for about a year from 2015 to 2016. I am currently the Executive Editor of newly re-launched site Comicon.com.

To give a little more detail about those projects, I previously wrote for the Brooklyn-filtered literary arts salon known as Trip City, and was formerly the Senior New York Correspondent and a contributor to Bleeding Cool writing about comics, doing reviews, interviews, and events coverage. Previous to that, I was a contributing editor at The Comics Beat website, where you can still find many of my reviews and events reports.  For Sequart Research and Literacy Organization, I am currently working on a book about magic in the works of Alan Moore (Meet the Magus: Magic in the Works of Alan Moore) and  also on a book about Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman: The Early Years) which is currently being serialized on Sequart.org. I also publish scholarly articles in comics journals included the JGNC, SIC, and IJOCA and NYRSF. I am Hannah Menzies on Facebook and @HannahMenzies on Twitter.

Here are some of my past articles for various platforms to check out:

For the wide-spectrum comics and pop culture website Bleeding Cool, I am a regular contributor covering events, reviews and interviews, and plenty of comics cons.

IMG_5243-600x450I had the remarkable experience of being present at one of comics and fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and musician Amanda Palmer’s recent performance “Evening with” events, and wrote about it, with photos, for Bleeding Cool.

“Feeling Giant, Intellectual Things at an Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer”: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/04/07/feeling-giant-intellectual-things-at-an-evening-with-neil-gaiman-and-amanda-palmer/

Supe-Homophobia-600x415Also for Bleeding Cool, I covered a Comic Book Roundtable Event in New York featuring a discussion with several former comics editors about the Orson Scott Card contraversy concerning his anti-homosexual activities and his work on Superman.

“Should You Be Blacklisted, Mr. Card?”: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/04/16/should-you-be-blacklisted-mr-card/

I’m also an author for Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, working on two books of my own. I have serialized segments of the upcoming books and you can read those portions free online at Sequart.

Image-1-A-Disease-of-Language-660x985My first book, Meet the Magus: Magic in the Works of Alan Moore, is about magical themes in all of Alan Moore’s works over time and how his personal philosophies have shaped the direction of comics. You can find the first installment of Meet the Magus below.

Meet the Magus, Part 1: The Birth Caul: http://sequart.org/magazine/11486/meet-the-magus-part-1-the-birth-caul/

My second book, Neil Gaiman: The Early Years is an exploration of Neil Gaiman’s career and output from 1986 to 1996, focusing on his lesser known titles, his rise with DC Comics, and the founding of Vertigo. You can find the first installment of Neil Gaiman: The Early Years below.

NGImage-1Neil Gaiman: The Early Years, Part 1: Black Orchid’s Passive and Impassive Universe: http://sequart.org/magazine/21022/neil-gaiman-the-early-years-black-orchid%E2%80%99s-passive-and-impassive-universe-part-1/




250px-Occupy_Comics_issue_2_coverAnd actually, I have a new credit to my name , as editor on an Alan Moore essay published in several of the opening issues of the multi-creator project OCCUPY COMICS, a very exciting work bringing together a host of professionals in the industry.




For The Beat: Newsblog of Comics Culture, I stepped down in 2013 as Contributing Editor specializing in events, reviews, and interviews to pursue some other more diverse options on several platforms. But I put up some great stuff this Spring and Summer particularly, so still check them out.

dkhlogo-198x300Recently I wrote about the publisher Dark Horse, where it’s been and where it’s going based on its raft of current trend-setting comics: http://comicsbeat.com/is-dark-horse-entering-a-golden-age/





mbrittany_kindt_interview_5-191x300At WonderCon in Anaheim this Spring I conducted some interviews with the excellent creators Matt Kindt, whose psychic-spy work MIND MGMT is currently on the New York Times Best Sellers List, and with longtime DC artist Dustin Nguyen whose nuanced painterly style brings mood and atmosphere to Gotham City, most notable is his new series L’IL GOTHAM.

Interview with Matt Kindt:http://comicsbeat.com/mega-interview-with-matt-kindt-find-the-territory-that-nobody-has-staked-out-yet/


Interview with Dustin Nguyen: http://comicsbeat.com/interview-dustin-nguyens-big-ideas-behind-lil-gotham/



ad-fiveghosts800-195x300I also review comics weekly for The Beat and two of my favorite reviews lately have been about 5 GHOSTS, the new Image series that has since gone into second and third printing right away (and I’m blurbed on the back of Issue #1 from a preview review to boot!), and about the conclusion of the longest running Vertigo series HELLBLAZER, featuring the working class magician who never seems to get it right.

Review for 5 GHOSTS with interview:http://comicsbeat.com/preview-and-interview-5-ghosts-with-frank-barbiere-and-chris-mooneyham/




Review for HELLBLAZER finale:http://comicsbeat.com/review-down-at-the-pub-with-john-constantine-hellblazer-300/




For TRIP CITY, I  was formerly a Contributing Editor to their original content featuring a wide array of creator-owned comics and focusing on many New York-based artists and writers:

AWJI’ve reported on many events in the New York area and beyond for TRIP CITY, but more recently I’ve been writing essays about comics culture. My most recent essay, “Are We Journalists?” ,about the role of autobiographical comics in reportage, may lead to a new original content series of comics on the site in 2013.

“Are We Journalists?” at TRIP CITY: http://welcometotripcity.com/2013/01/are-we-journalists-expanding-the-scope-of-autobio-comix/

Look for updates on my blog about articles and events, and follow me at Bleeding Cool, and Sequart! To contact me directly, you can reach me on Twitter as @hannahmenzies, Facebook as Hannah Menzies, and through email at hannahmenzies7@gmail.com. For one-stop shopping, follow and “like” my new Facebook author page ,under the name Hannah Means-Shannon, where all my articles will be posted as they come out on various sites.



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