Feeling Grateful For Comic Arts Brooklyn

The Comic Arts Brooklyn show has made a big difference in my life over the past few years–it was my first introduction to a more local, regional show for self-published and small press comics, and was the venue where I first heard Art Spiegelman, Jeff Smith, and many more talk about the medium in a way that helped a person relatively new to comics get the inestimably valuable perspective of an older generation.  From CAB, I worked up the determination to go to Small Press Expo for a number of years running, and when I was out in Portland, Oregon, this past year, to go to Linework NW. Together theses shows have deeply shaped my view of comics. They feel close to the source, holding a particularly closer relationship to the medium, with fewer rules about format, greater leaps of innovation, and a very wide scope in subject matter.



CAB is presented by Desert Island, a Brooklyn-based comic shop, and has always been a labor of love, and this year nearly didn’t happen. Given the weight and expense of putting on a comic show, everyone would have understood if the event didn’t run in 2016, but when it was officially back “on”, fans and creators were delighted. Running with limited programming this year, the show was still an amazing place to be to touch base with the community and discover new comics. The atmosphere was incredibly convivial, perhaps because we were all aware how lucky we were to have the chance to gather again at CAB this time around.

Here are some shots of the familiar face of the show:


Once inside, the two floors were both fairly crowded around midday:

And here are the faces of CAB 2016, bringing their comics to returning attendees and passing by foot traffic for the free show. One of the great things about the free show is that people do simply walk by and come in to see what it’s all about.

And a closer view of the comics, comics, comics of CAB 2016:

I was both glad that CAB 2016 happened for creators and fans, and grateful to attend this year, having missed out last year. Thanks so much to all the kind people who stopped and chatted with me!  Here’s hoping for more CAB in coming years.


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